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Zoomify™ Viewer:   QuickTime™ Component, Windows & Mac
Use the buttons below image to zoom in & out, as well as reset to original view.

Wait for new zoom levels to load their sharper images.
Images will become sharp even at the most extreme zoomed-in levels!

"shift" or "A" key
Zooms into an image.
"Control" or "Z" key
Zooms out of an image.

Click and Drag or Arrow keys

Pans an image or panorama up, down, left or right. Rotates an object, advances an animation.
"X" key and Click and Drag
Moves an object or animation up, down, left or right.
"Esc" key
Resets Viewer to initial point of view of an image.
Getting updates

The Zoomify Viewer is updated regularly. For the most current information, visit the Support section of the Zoomify Web site at www.zoomify.com/support/.

QuickTime is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Zoomify is a trademark of Zoomify, Inc.
Copyright 1999-2002, Zoomify, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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