The Dig Team's Field Journal
If you've ever wondered what happens during a dinosaur dig, here's your chance to find out!

A field journal is one of a paleontologist's most important tools - where notes about everything scientific are recorded every day of an excavation. We'll be using this virtual Field Journal to keep track of every aspect of the dig. Join us for each day's developments as the dig progresses!

We'd like to introduce you to Sarah, your guide to our T. rex dig. A dino digger since she was three, she's grown up to be a biologist. Sarah will interview the dig team, explain what's happening, and keep you up to date on dig developments. You'll see her popping up in videos and hear her doing voice-overs for many of the media slideshow presentations. (Read more about Sarah and the rest of the dig team..)

We'll be covering the dig virtually in the Field Journal section with the following material:

  • Daily Journal - Drop by often... This is where the action is! Every day (barring any technical difficulties that keep us from the internet, of course) we will be updating this area with daily reports from Sarah and other individuals at the dig, as well as offering media presentations of cool stuff that has happened the previous day. (Note: Most content in this area will be of the previous day's event, unless we have some very, very exciting happenings—which can happen!)
  • Bone Map & Specimen Notes - Check this out if you are interested in seeing how paleontologists collect useful information about the fossil specimen they are collecting. This material will ultimately be utilized in the preparation lab—to help put all the collected and discombobulated pieces back together—and in future research.
  • Meet the Dig Team - While you'll see us in various media presentations on the site, we would like to introduce you to the colorful characters that frequent our digs and the dedicated host scientists who are coordinating the dig. You'll find background info and photos of most folks who will be interacting with visitors to our site.

Here are some things to look for and discover while you browse this section:

  • The Specimen
    • What bones have been found so far?
    • What did the dig team find yesterday?
    • How do the bones fit together? What haven't we found yet?
  • The Science
    • Has the crew discovered anything unusual?
    • Are the bones providing any hints into this dinosaur's life?
    • What other plants or creatures are buried here?
    • What is the one-of-a-kind story of this fossil?
    • See how scientists solve tricky problems, deal with the weather, and answer questions.
    • Learn excavation techniques.
    • Learn to think like a scientist - or, if you already are one, keep up to date on the newest, coolest dinosaur.
  • The Geology
    • Topography - What is the "lay of the land," physically?
    • Geology - What age are the rocks here?
    • Lithology - What are the rocks like? Structure, composition, texture, and color.
    • Deposition - Are we digging in an ancient stream bed? A flood plain?
    • Taphonomy - What clues can we find that will tell the series of events leading to the preservation of this dinosaur?
  • Most of all... Have fun learning about paleontology and dinosaurs!