You Can Participate in the Science of this Dig!
Anyonewhether amateur, student, or scientist—can contribute to this dig experience and this Web site. You can even contact the excavation team! This is the heart of why this web site was developed. While we will try to answer most questions or inquiries, we will be busy trying to update the web site with current content (and digging a T. rex, of course). There also may be days when our satellite internet setup gets a little 'wonky' and we can't access the site. Otherwise, you can be assured that with the first rainy day, we will be dilligently attempting to interact with everyone who has contributed to this site, if we haven't already.

Here are the avenues for learning and contributing to this site:

  • Try out some Activities - If you are a teacher or lead a group of folks in discovering science and all its wonders, check out the activities we have put together.