T. rex In-depth

What about this creature, Tyrannosaurus rex? In T. rex In-depth, you have access to all the latest facts and theories about everybody's favorite predator.

Because paleontologists have now discovered more than thirty T. rex specimens, a lot is known about their Anatomy. Learn about this monster from head to toe!

Scientists have been testing and calculating and debating some of the Traits of T. rex, which can be hard when all that's left is their bones. How do scientists figure out how an extinct creature's body worked, like its organs and muscles? Check out the findings, conversations, and debates about T. rex gender, brains, strength, speed, weight, and age.

Some things we know about T. rex, and some things we want to know. Behavior research is one of the most fun areas of paleontology, because it brings extinct creatures "back to life." Scientists use living animals as T. rex models, and they start to paint a picture of what life was like 65 million years ago.

The fossil record has retained much more than bones. It tells loads of information about T. rex Territory, too. What was the environment like? Who lived there with T. rex - or, most likely, who was listed on its menu?

The first T. rex parts were discovered in 1892, and this giant monster has had a colorful History ever since. Check out the list of specimens, along with interesting stories about missed identifications, years of fossil competition, and how T. rex was almost named something else!

Anatomy - What we know about T. rex physiology

Traits - What anatomy suggests about function

Behavior - The next step in understanding extinct creatures

Territory - Where T. rex lived, and who lived nearby

History - The past of paleontology