Help from our Friends
How did this site become a reality? It was due to the these sponsors and their desire to support quality, educational-based scientific endeavors. Check out these interesting organizations and you will find many avenues of discovery and learning—and maybe a natural science item or book to add to your collections.

If you would like to help spread the word about this site, please go to our Press Releases page and take one of our banners to place on your site. If you wish to have us link to your site as well, or you would like to offer some other form of support please email us at or call Black Hills Institute at (605)574-4289 US Mountain Standard Time.

  Financial Supporters

Black Hills Institute of Geologcial Research, Inc. - Producer of the whole enchilada that is this project. They also dig dinosaurs!

  Cooperative Supporters (chronologically)
Skycasters - Without these folk's satellite system, we wouldn't be bringing you this dig. We are utilizing their Sky Portable unit and it has served us well. This unit is self contained and very hearty. Surfing the web in the middle of the Montana prairie is very fun—although kinda surreal!

GenPro Power Systems - These folks supplied us with the excellent GenPro generator that produces clean AC power at the dig for the sensitive electronic equipment required for this project. They also produce a wide variety of alternative power solutions.

Computer Village - Supplied us with the additional G4 Apple Powerbook needed to edit video at the dig site. - The place for professionals, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts to discuss fossils. Thanks for the front page coverage, George!

PaleoBond™ Fossil Stabilizers and Adhesives - A line of products from Uncommon Conglomerates, Inc. that has been created specifically to aid in fossil collection, preparation, and preservation. The stabilizer and adhesives have been developed and tested in the field by paleontologists for paleontologists. Uncommon Conglomerates, Inc. is supporting this dig by donating the glue used during collection of the bones.

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